Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The birthday girl wouldn't dance!

Today we celebrated a birthday, yay!  It was for one of our new colleagues working as a research assistant prior to further education to a PhD.  The birthday treats were some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes from Whole Foods, some nice Breyer's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and some coconut gelato. So we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the goodies. 
The birthday girl and the goods!
The cupcakes were good, but somewhat generic as you would expect.  The swampy gold color of the frosting on the chocolate cupcakes was certainly interesting.  The Breyer's was as it always is. The coconut gelato was a bit especially with birthday honoree, who  and was the first thing to go. But all in all it was a good standard kind of birthday party.  
Nice and typical birthday selection!
Coconut gelato was something different!
Breyer's "Natural" Vanilla was as it always is!
Chocolate cupcakes with swampy gold frosting!
And the vanilla cupcakes are covered in pink!
Except someone was suggesting that the birthday girl dance and to "West Side Story" no less.  A couple of the songs were lyrically modified to fit with the celebrant but no dance.  It's really not surprising though inasmuch as when you tell someone dance is something you do on the side and they automatically come up with the West Side Story connection for you to perform to, it is a stretch. Our dancer may now think twice before sharing any outside interests again!!
No Mambo for today!
And forget about the Jet song also!

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