Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Vienna Bakery does it again and no, that isn't cheese!

We have had lots of cakes from the Vienna Bakery in Barrington, RI and it is safe to say that we have enjoyed every one of them.  Although we've had lots of repeats, the pear frangipane for example, now and then something different shows up at cake hour.  Today we got a cake we hadn't seen before and it turned out to be awesome.
One good looking cake!
 The cake was a relatively simple chocolate cake with two layers. It was frosted between the layers and on top with a slightly sweetened whipped cream - always a favorite! The top was then covered with a dark chocolate crust that was allowed to drip down the sides giving it a molten chocolate look.  This coating was kind of like you get when you dip your soft serve cone into chocolate at Dairy Queen.  The final touch were some dark and white chocolate bits sprinkled on the top.  It looked great.
We like the way the chocolate drips down the side!
Nice look from above also!
And it tasted great, also.  This cake had just the right amount of sweetness with the sponge being very dense and moist but not over the top chocolatey.  The whipped cream was a nice and light topping to it. The chocolate crust, which broke into pieces when it was cut, was the perfect final touch.  This cake was a hit for sure!! Should you visit the Vienna and see one - grab it!
Chocolate cake with whipped cream - a great combo!
We did have one interesting question.  One of our colleagues wondered why they had put cheese on top of the cake.  It was explained that that wasn't cheese, he was seeing bits of white chocolate.  That made more sense to him.
That's not cheese, dude, it's white chocolate.

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