Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fixing a cracked Birthday cake with classy toothpicks

Today we celebrated a birthday.  The celebration took place a little earlier in the day because the celebrant had to leave for another birthday event. But one of her associated wanted to bake a cake for her. And so she did. She made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and fresh raspberries for filling and garnish on the top.  We appreciate the effort, of course, but didn't get to compliment the baker because she got on a bus to Martha's Vineyard after leaving the cake and wasn't around when we celebrated. Whatever!
The cake looks a little stressed!
Deep crevasse caused by the liquid frosting!
The extent of the fissures!
The cake was ambitious but not overly so. Upon completion of the assembly, however, the more fluid than usual frosting proceeded to carve crevasses in the cake leading to a cracked appearance. To stem the damage the baker used toothpicks to hold the chunks of the cake in place.  Well, not really toothpicks but those cocktail or deli sandwich umbrellas is what she had however to use for keeping the cake together the umbrella tops were removed.  We didn't quite understand why she just didn't have regular toothpicks so we asked why she had umbrella toothpicks so we asked.  When queried as to why she had umbrella toothpicks the answer was "because I have class!" Well, who knew!
The birthday girl and her unique birthday cake!!
Dreading having to blow out the candles and it took awhile!
Cracked or not the cake was very good!!  I had very moist cake with a butter cream frosting that was not overly sweet or fatty.  The raspberries were a great touch. To top it off there was some vanilla ice cream which always go well with chocolate cake and that was the case this time too.  Cracked cake or not, it was a nice celebration.  Congrats to our birthday girl and thanks to the classy baker who was nowhere to be seen!!

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