Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whoops we did it again!

After last week's monster cake you would think we would stick with more modest creations. Ha, that didn't last long! Now that all the slots for December are filled I'm sure there are many things to look forward to!  Today we were presented with an Italian Creme Cake from Sam's Club.  What is that you ask?  We don't know we reply!  We weren't at all sure what this would be but, as in the mass murder cake, it was a BIG cake.

Doesn't look half bad!

Decorative top!
Just what is an Italian cream cake?

Ready to dig in..

From the title we imagined something creamy and full of rum soaked filling.  Surprise!  The inside for the most part was a standard whitish cake with some nut flavoring and nuts. I guess where the cream comes in is with the frosting. This cake was über-frosted. Really! In one of the pictures you can see that the frosting on the top is over one half inch thick. This was not a light frosting either so if you wanted a piece from the edge of the cake you had to really like frosting. It was also covered with shredded coconut just to add some more vegetable fat. A lot of it got left on the plates but there was no serious attempt at cake art today.

Some of us were incredulous at the news today that Ryan Secrest is getting $60m for a radio show.  This on top of Google buying Groupon for $6b dollars.  Not everyone in this country is enduring tough economic times!
Just a normal looking cake on the inside.

Do you think the frosting is thick enough?

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