Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandma Miller is back in business

Our favorite baker was laid low by a shoulder injury.  As surgery turned out to be necessary it resulted in her being unable to continue to bake the many, many loaves of zucchini and banana bread that we had become oh so accustomed to.  But we are happy to say and see that recuperation has been successful and Grandma Miller is back in business! 

Soon I'll be baking again and those liver people will get their goodies!

One of our cackler's recent visit to Pennsylvania resulted in a bumper crop of the little loaves we love and of course her famous Shoo Fly Cake.  This is Grandma Miller's version of that American Classic Shoo Fly Pie.  Basically instead of a gooey kind of pie you get a sheet cake that has the flavors of the signature molasses, that is the main ingredient, and the sugary crumbly topping. 

It's not a's a cake!

Always baked in a special pan!

It's got the crumbly top!

The sugary coating entices us all!
Rich molasses color which is the main ingredient!

It is a nice interpretation of an American and for that matter Pennsylvania classic which is where Grandma hails from.  Even though we hadn't finished the whole cake cut it up into individual servings so we could make sure that the pan was returned.  Some things just have to be done the right way and Grandma Miller prefers this one particular pan.  You don't argue with success. The multiple pieces made for a nice photo opportunity!
It's an army of shoo fly cake pieces...

It;s a Christmas tree of shoo fly pieces!

The cake always begs the question as to where the name comes from. For further info go to:

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