Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We ate the cake early and ticked someone off

Today some of us had to leave a little earlier than the normal cake hour time but had spied a Gregg's cake box in the refrigerator.  Well what the heck it would not be the first time that we started a little early so we hauled that box out of the fridge and opened it to find a very nice lemon cake that we probably have had before.
Look what we found!
Looks like a lemon cake!
Swirls of butter cream for decorative effect!

As is usual with Gregg's cakes it was pretty large. The cake was multi-tiered with lemon and some other fruit jam in between the layers. The frosting was a lemon butter cream that was actually good and not as overwhelmingly sweet or fatty like so many cream frostings are.  It was a very good cake that tasted lemony but not to the extreme and represents another great offering from Gregg's. We were glad we were able to avail ourselves of some albeit a little earlier than normal but it gave us our sugar dose and made us happy.

Mulit-layered and good!

What's a few small pieces gone a little early!

One person in particular was not happy, however, that we had started early. Expecting to have a triumphant presentation of her beautiful cake she arrived to find a sliced up partially eaten remnant.  This made her very angry.   We explained that we had mentioned we would be leaving early and that 'tis indeed acceptable cake hour protocol to start early on occasion so why was she teed off. She said that everything was making her mad but this was the cherry on top...the frosting on the cake as it were.  The grudge didn't last very long and apologies were made.  We'll know better the next time but will probably still eat the cake early anyway!  C'est le cake hour!

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