Thursday, August 25, 2011

They're back and this time it's a scronge (scrundge?) cake

Our two favorite youth bakers returned to cake hour today and brought with them a lemon blueberry scronge cake.  In case you can't figure it out that's a play on the word sponge cake. It was explained why it was called a scronge cake but I can't remember so you will have to let your imaginations work until I can ask again.

The scronge gang is back and packing the Ready Whip!

Showing off this years creation!
Regardless the scronge was based upon a sponge cake which everyone knows is a good classic cake that is frequently the base for other things.  That was also the situation here. Our two buddies baked a round cake, presumably in a bundt pan or springform with a hole in the middle, that looked like your typical sponge cake. From there however they sliced the cake about an inch from the bottom to create two layers. In between the two layers they added some homemade lemon curd. The cake itself was not that sweet and the tangyness of the lemon curd enhanced that.
Swirls of whipped cream surround a center of lemon curd

From above it looks a little like Hurricane Irene from space!

Once the two layers were put back together they filled the hole in the center with a pile of blueberries that had come from their garden. These were then covered with another layer of lemon curd.  The cake was  finished off with our favorite frosting/topping....whipped cream!!  These guys clearly know the audience they're playing to!

Blueberries were hiding under the lemon curd in the center!
The "official" serving!

Some people like a little more of the whipped stuff!

They said they originally wanted to just do the same cake they did last year but their mother came up with this recipe. We're glad she did because this was a hit. The cake was fresh and not too sweet and the delicious lemon curd and unsweetened blueberries continued that trend.  These three components worked well together to make a very tasty treat that did not overwhelm you with sugar.  The final touch of the whipped cream brought it all home.
Another variation that didn't hang around long!

Would you like a little cake with that whipped cream?

In the end we were going after the lemon curd!
We decided that the appropriate presentation was a piece of the cake cut and laid on its side then topped with a dollop of lemon curd, a few berries and then some whipped cream  But we were flexible and our young baker was very flexible and generous with the amounts of whipped cream that he doled out. He was pretty fast with that Ready Whip indeed. One of our attendees was so excited that she dropped her piece right onto the floor.  She still got here blast of whipped cream though!  Everything tasted so good that after the cake was gone we went after the jar of lemon curd and whatever berries were left. The whipped cream lasted until the end. Good planning!

It may be on the floor but it still gets a blast o' the whipped!

I'm so excited, I can't hold my cake!

Another success!  Can't wait for next year! Keep that whipped cream trigger finger in shape!
Although this was not part of the student cake competition these kids were easily given a five star rating meaning this could compete with any charlotte or rat cake!

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