Thursday, September 15, 2011

Al Baba Baklava and what's up with that bike?

Toady we had some Lebanese treats. We've had baklava many times but today we got to try some from the Levant. Our researcher from the land of cedars had managed to get some shipped to him. The brand name is Al Baba - Baba meaning father - papa - baba - it's all the same.  We were informed that this is the most popular brand among the Lebanese. That being the case we imagine they are probably pretty prolific in airport gift shops. We don't know if that is where these came from but it doesn't really matter.
Straight from Lebanon - it's Al Baba

Rather fancy presentation for baklava!

Time to open it up!
We opened the box to find two layers of various sort of Baklava neatly arranged in rows according to type. It really was a nice presentation.  Several of them appeared to be rolls with a filling that were sliced making them look a little like sushi.  Can we call this Lebanese sushi then?
Meticulously formed and's Lebanese sushi!

Added honus of a second layer! We're psyched!
The pleasant surprise was that these were very good.  They were not as sweet or as covered with syrup as some baklavas tend to be.  They were mostly more delicate and the various types were enhanced by the  subtle flavors of nuts, nut pastes or other ingredients. The ones that looked like sushi rolls were a little hard but softened as they warmed up. The various shapes do indicate that a little craftsmanship goes into the making of these treats and based on that we understand why they are popular. Clearly they are shooting for more discerning customers than those that take their baklava on a sheet pan soaked in sugar syrup. We were glad to have the chance to sample them and know what to purchase should we ever be in Lebanon looking for a souvenir.
Not your typical baklava..

....different presentations for added style!

Now imagine that you have a bike and you have it modified so that it has an electric engine to give a boost to the ride for hills and for a little speed on straightaways.  This bike has a square shaped battery and an electrical box on the back with all sorts of wires hanging out.  You store this bike in a hallway in a building where you are working on a weekend and it just happens to be the weekend of September 11th.  Now the security officers responsible for the building take note of this and have some questions. What should you not do?
a.) take the bike for a ride and show them what it's all about
b.) reassure them that there is nothing to worry about
c.) explain what everything is and how it all works harmlessly
d.) joke that is an explosive
What's up with the bike?

A big block under the seat....hmmm..
A bunch of protruding wires...haven't you seen an electric bike before?

Yeah, yeah, the answer is obvious. But let's just say not to everyone and leave it at that!

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