Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye and Good Luck, Sicheng.

Hurricane Irene has caused a lot of damages to the LRC. While most traffic lights and street signs around the jewelery distract have already been fixed, several members of the lab are still forced to live in the stone age days after the powerful cyclone terrorized the east coast. Of course, the real tragedy is the fact that cakehour has been suspended in the absence of our beloved cakehour leader.

You can imagine our excitement when we receive an email informing us that a special cakehour party would be held in honor of Sicheng, who has been working in Dr. Moss's lab for the past four years. Besides being one of the most hardworking scientists in the lab, Sicheng is also the guardian of the secret to successfully culturing H. pylori as well as the record holder of the most number of student trained by a post-doc fellow. We are very happy for his accomplishments, and we are certain that he will be a great asset to the Coro cancer research facility.

To celebrate this special occasion, Dr. Moss has decided to surprise us with a simple, yet wonderfully delicious, chocolate cake from Scialo Bros Bakery located on Atwells Avenue. Since our man of the hour is not an alcohol consumer, Dr. Moss has also, very thoughtfully, brought several bottles of sparkling water as a substitute for champagne. It has been a while since we the last time we had such a beautiful chocolate cake from a professional bakery. The cake is moist and rich, and surprisingly not too sweet. The bitterness from the dark chocolate and the intoxicating aroma from the infused alcohol have made this cake one of the sophisticated chocolate cakes we have ever tasted at cakehour.

After gifts were presented and a speech was given, it's time to cut into the cake!

More pictures after the break!

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