Friday, September 16, 2011

The Putz forgets but Cakemaster saves the day!

Just look at the first photo. It says it all.  Even though one of those celebrated Ivy League university student, a big fan of cake consumption, signed up for today we were confronted with an empty table.  A quick call to our boy on his cell phone revealed that......he forgot!  I guess with the heavy course load of the new semester he just had so many things on his mind   not.  "Er, I did indeed sign up but um, I didn't get anything..."  He didn't even show up!  The nerve of some people. He was given the title of Putz for a day.
Empty cakes at empty tables!

Putz for a day because he forgot!
His forgetfulness left us scrambling and initially we came up with a Ritter Sport Bar.  These are actually very generic but good chocolate bars that you find all over Germany for about 75cents. So why do they cost $3.00 a bar over here?  The price aside this particular one, the dark chocolate with whole Hazelnuts is very good.  Next time you are in one of those cheap food stores in Germany like Aldi or Lidl it's worth it to stock up on these.
Way overpriced but it is good!

We assumed this would be it but lo and behold the cakemaster couple had anticipated a possible cake default and had stocked up on some Shaw's cookies.  The day is saved!!  These were some of the ones that are actually baked in house at various Shaw's...peanut butter and brownie chocolate chip!
The day was not lost after all!

Who knew they had a secret!

Soft and chewy but they hit the spot!

Shaw's goes for the soft and chewy kind so for those that like their cookies crisp - see Tate's cookies - these might be a disappointment. No one was complaining however and we were glad that someone came through on this day of broken promises.  Go Cakemaster!

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