Monday, December 12, 2011

City Girl Cupcakes for the City Girl Birthday

The cupcake craze continues. The nice thing is that these businesses seem to spring up here and there and at the very least give you an option in the event that you need to get something for an unexpected occasion.  Today we were celebrating a birthday and needed to get something nearby as the provider has been without daily transportation since the other half got a job and now commands the car.
Providence has cupcakes!

It's my birthday!
Not one cake but a dozen cupcakes!

It seems like a lot of frosting, no?
Fortunately City Girl Cupcakes has set up shop on Weybosset Street in downtown PVD. Since this was walkable we were able to get a dozen cupcakes in lieu of an appropriate birthday cake.  We had actually tried them before but didn't finish the post. Although we got a dozen there were basically four different kinds.  We looked at the menu we had previously gotten and could not really tell which we were dealing with.  Suffice it to say one was chocolate with a chocolate frosting, another was white with frosting and a cute mini gingerbread man on top. There was a single cupcake that was chocolate and peanut butter and lastly another group of golden cupcakes with maybe a mocha frosting.
 A cupcake for my birthday...formidable!
They were all good and moist though there seemed to be a preference for the chocolate ones.  The good thing about these cupcakes that are being made everywhere now is that the frosting is always lighter than it looks. Frequently when you see one of these things and see the size of the dollop of frosting you are reluctant to try it imagining that the frosting is going to be this lardy fatty over-sweetened gunk.  But surprise, most of the time the frosting is much lighter and therefore is easier to take.  It may be part of the reason that this craze has caught on because sometimes the frosting is where all the flavor lies.

Cute little gingerbread boy riding the frosting surf!
This was the favorite!
Our city girl was happy to sample some City Girl Cupcakes and we were glad we could offer her some sweets on her natal day!

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