Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Leftovers 2011

Last night was the Holiday Party for the Division of Gastroenterology.  It is held a the CAV restaurant and usually involves a lot of food and one huge cake.  The cake is an Opera Torte intended to feed about 150 people. So it is humangous.  Probably because everyone has already pigged out on all the other food the cake never gets totally eaten.  So we get to pick up the remainders and have a go at it at cake hour the next day.

The cake before the first cut!

This cake is very good and is quite a creation. There are about five layers and in between them there is either frosting or come kind of milk chocolate mousse.  It is then topped with more mousse and then a very rich but very delicious chocolate ganache or similar. As dessert for the holiday party with a glass of champagne it really makes an impression.  The next day in the light it tastes good but one realizes pretty quickly that a large piece won't do.  In fact most people had a small portion and enough was left behind to continue for a few more days.  If you want a good chocolate cake to feed the masses  - this is what you are looking for!
What's under the foil..

It's the rest of the cake - and still a pretty large chunk of it!

Chocolate rose and chocolate covered berries..

The strawberries are seriously dunked!

Probably about 6 layers!

It's good but two people tried and could not finish the corner piece!
We also had a French treat to supplement the cake.  Nougats Tendres Assortis!  Assorted tender nougats! A colleague's parents were in town from Lyon, France and brought some nougat.  This is a little bit like Bit O'Honey.  There were several flavors and they were good but nothing to blowy your mind.

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