Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Crabcake Hour today!

We had planned a usual type cake experience for today when something unexpected happened.  We had our holiday party last weekend at the CAV restaurant in Providence, RI.  CAV is an exceptional restaurant and it has produced a stunning holiday part for us for the last ten years or so.  One the menu of passed appetizers were mini crab  cakes and shots of butternut squash soup.   CAV is known for its crab cakes and indeed their recipe was named the best in Rhode Island.  The recipe calls for jumbo lump crab meat and it is finished with pistachios and a spicy remoulade.
Holiday Display At CAV
Well as it turns out one of the attendees commented to the restaurateur that she did not get any of the crab cakes or the butternut squash soup.  Since the restaurant owner wanted to be accommodating she offered to bring some over at some point.  Once word of this got around everyone started commenting somewhat jokingly that they didn't get any crab cakes either. So when I called to say they could bring the food over for those that got left out I mentioned that now everybody was claiming they did not get the goodies.  The restaurant owner insisted she could only bring them over to those who missed out and could not do it for everybody. I, of course, told her that I was joking.

It's crab cakes

The celebrated proprietress!

SURPRISE!  An hour later she shows up with a tray full of the mini crab cakes and a pitcher of the soup.  Contrary to what she said she did bring enough for everyone so as a prelude to cake hour we had a delicious crab cake hour.  If you are in Providence and looking for dinner, you can't go wrong with CAV so go there and get the crab cakes!
The crowd is into the crab goodies
Hanging around hoping for more!

One half hour later it was regular cake time and a colleague who was celebrating a birthday brought in one of those classic sour cream coffee cakes from the East Side market.  Always most, and good with lots of cinnamon this was a nice finish to the day though many of us were feeling full from those other cakes. Many people attended both sessions especially since a lot of them are off for the holidays as of today.
On top of the crab some coffee cake~
Great Sugary Crust
Classic Shape
Classic Look!
Ready for the knife!
The birthday lady!
We got a little introduction to Arabic music from our Lebanese associate though the simultaneous translation to the song that was being sung was a little off. Actually the whole thing was little off.  We also sang the obligatory "Happy Birthday" to our colleague.  Nice way to get the holidays!
Holiday Spirit!
Don't you like the Arabic singer?
We'll stick with the cake!

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