Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homemade Apple PIe with tales post colonoscopy

One of our amateur bakers has come through again.  She has bestowed upon us many a cake hour creation of various kind. Most of them have been very good cakes made with creativity and ambition.  Today however she tried her hand at a good homemade American Apple Pie.  This was made from scratch crust and all.  It is tempting to just pick up one of those premixed pie crusts but our baker would have none of it.

Nothing like a homemade pie!

Nice golden crust on top...
...and all around!  No burnt crust to be had here!
As you can see it looked gorgeous.  It fit perfectly into its dish and was evenly browned on the top and the bottom.  This in itself is admirable as these things tend to get overcooked and burned a lot. The apples on the interior were nicely cooked with appropriate cinnamon and were not overly sweetened.  The latter being a flaw in a lot of apple pies. Also, all too frequently the apples are not well cooked but that was not the case here.  The crust was soft and moist without being mushy neither on the top nor on the bottom.  Pie crust is not an easy task so kudos to the cook for taking on learning how to make the perfect one. We'll be the guinea pigs any old time.
A bit of ice cream would have been perfect!
Ample amounts of cinammon apples!
Today we heard either the sorrowful or comical tale of what not to do post-colonoscopy. Presuming one undergoes the procedure and afterwards is still under the influence of some anesthesia, who would opt to go to a meeting and discuss a manuscript for publication.  Not many but apparently there is one out there who did.  As the item was the first thing on the agenda it probably did not seem like such bad idea - in there and then out to rest up and let the aftereffects of the procedure wear off.  Unfortunately the discussion of said manuscript got moved to a later slot on the agenda meaning a quick visit turned into a prolonged one. Watching the unfortunate person try to stay awake must have been interesting to say the least.  It was probably more fun than checking your electronic device at cake hour again or was he just checking to see if his coif was okay.
Mirror, mirror on my iPhone...
In case a hospital in Portland, Maine comes looking for a pediatric gastroenterologist we have no idea where the person is but apple pie might figure in.
Portland? I'll get thee someday if I'm not researcher of the year!

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