Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some new cookies to try out!

We occasionally stop by and pick up some cookies at a local gourmet store..."Gourmet Heaven".  The name is a bit of a stretch but they do have some good products and also a decent variety of imported things.  Some of them are like Ritter Bars that are somewhat plebian in Europe but become "gourmet" when brought over here.  They also become a lot more expensive!
Two types of cookies today!

Cookie Place doing social service work!

We have no idea who Cindy is but we'll try the cookies!
They usually have some different kinds of cookies. Today we sampled a few from "The Cookie Place" and also some from "Cindy's Homestyle Cookies". The two made for a good contrast.  We got a mixed selection from "The Cookie Place."  This is a nonprofit that makes cookies and  does social work in the process. The selection included some obligatory flavors including chocolate chip, macadamia chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter.  These cookies are good and indeed are deemed best in Rhode Island by some.  They are good and pretty standard in size, texture and taste. They are not extraordinary but a good investment if you are hankering for some sweets and they serve a good cause.

We went for the assorted!
And this was the assortment!
Can you guess the types of cookies!
Cindy's Homestyle Cookies we had not seen before. The packaging, which consisted of a plastic cylinder, was interesting and allowed you to see what was inside.  These were different than those from The Cookie Place.  We suspect that they probably had a proportion that leaned toward more butter and sugar and away from flour.  As  result they were flatter and had a bit more of the brown or caramelized sugar taste.  They were regrettably a little light on the chocolate chips but most commercial cookies are.  We did like these and the two made for a nice contrast.

Seemingly baked well done compared to The Cookie Place!
A few more chocolate chips might be in order!

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