Friday, September 28, 2012

The Keebler elves brought some team USA cookies but the Spanish treats were better

As previous posts might show we were a bit dependent on the Keebler elves over the last week.  Thanks to a special sale at CVS, a Rhode Island based business BTW, we got our hands on some of their products at a considerably more reasonable price than what you normally have to pay in a supermarket.  Keeblers Chips Deluxe is a pretty good commercial cookie. It is pretty thick and usually has a lot of chocolate chips.  These ones are deluxe because in addition there are M&Ms or something approximating them also on top of each cookie. In good mass produced fashion there managed to be exactly three on each of the cookies.  These were also a special Team USA edition to go with the Olympics so the M&M-like candies were red, white and blue. They could have been totally anal and put one of each color on each cookies but perhaps in the spirit of spontaneity they just let the chips fall where they may - get it?

The Keebler Elves are back
Supposedly rainbow but here just the red, white and blue!
A limited edition!  Should we have saved them?
Sponsoring the Olympics
Three rows of cookies...
...with exactly three M&Ms
Can't remember why his mug his here.
We had begun to dig in to the cookies when we were reminded that we had some other special Spanish sweets also available.  These were brought out and quickly supplanted the cookies as the goodie of interest.   We had two types empanadas and quesitos.  Many of you are probably familiar with empanadas.  However most times we encounter them they are stuffed with meat or vegetables and are served as appetizer or part of a regular meal.  It was explained to us though that depending upon where in the Spanish-speaking world they are made would also determine what they are stuffed with. In some places apparently they are a sweet treat and that is what we had today.  If you don't know they are dough that is stuffed with something and then closed to be like a turnover and then they are baked. The ones we had today featured tropical fillings of guava, coconut and pineapple.  They were very good although there probably could have been some more filling in them.

If they look familiar they are empanada with a sweet instead of salty filling!
In addition to the empanadas we had something called quesitos.  If you know that queso is the Spanish work for cheese and...ito at the end is a diminutive then you would have guessed correctly if these translate as little cheese things.  It was suggested the we warm them up a bit which we did. They were very good.  They tasted a little bit along the lines of a salty cheese danish. Of the two Spanish treats this was the favored one.  Nonetheless it was nice to tray both of them and we are grateful to the provider for continuously expanding our horizons.'

And these are quesitos!
They kind of look like small cheese danishes.
We girls have had these things for years!

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