Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Cheesecake of the Year!

A cake hour newbie has his first cake hour obligation.  He opted for a cheesecake. The first one of 2014!  We actually haven't had one in awhile. We used to get Cheesecake Factory gift cards as part of a rewards program and pretty much tried everything that they had to offer. The rewards program branched off and now we can get cards from about any bakery so we are mixing it up a bit.  Today's entry had nothing to do with a gift card. A graduate student who has been enjoying his afternoon treats stepped up to the plate and brought us something.
The easily recognized Whole Foods Pastry Box!

Nicely presented with a bow!

Fresh blueberries instead of the pie filling!

Happy with his first cake hour contribution!
Great profile view!

He opted for a cheesecake with blueberries from Whole Foods. This was, as usual, a nice looking creation.  We always like the way that Whole Foods uses the plastic and the ribbon to wrap the cake and make it look like a gift.  We think in this case it might also have been to hold in the blueberries.  Most of the time fruit on top of a cheesecake is bound together with unflavored gelatin or another similar thing or they use a cooked blueberry topping like in a pie.  Not this cake.  Those blueberries were just dumped on the top. It made for interesting slicing!
Those berries are ready to roll!
And roll the did!
This was very well received. Whole Foods does a good job and this was no exception.  There was plenty of fruit to go around and the cake quickly disappeared.
Another one doesn't last long!

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