Thursday, January 16, 2014

Haven't seen one of these in awhile...

That would be a tiramisu! Ever since our Italian grad student bade us farewell having become a PhD, we've had a dry spell for sure.  No one appears to have gotten her recipe so we can't make what she did. We know she handed the recipe out so perhaps someone is being coy and doesn't want to have to make it for us. That would be cruel!

Gotta fun but enjoy!
It's always brave to bring one of these..with out history!

Circle of lady fingers!
Today's cake, brought to us via a supermarket in Marlborough, MA was a Tiramisu cake. It was circular and had a classic look to it. There was a ring of the obligatory lady fingers around the outside, two layers of cake and then the mascarpone filling was between the layers and on the top. It was finished on the top with a layer of the also obligatory cocoa powder.  This having been sold in a supermarket we tend to suspect there was no amaretto or other spirit in it which is too bad as it does give it a bit more flair.
This cocoa powder can give you asthma!
Nice classic look!
Despite the fact that we are spoiled when it comes to this dish, this was perfectly acceptable.  It had good moist cake with adequately sweetened mascarpone.  It was on the light side which is always preferable and as such was not too filling.  Good choice, Marlborough lady!
Nicely layered and filled!
Pretty soon it came to this!
We are finally getting to the end of the popcorn!  The caramel seems to have gone first.
Finally hit bottom!

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