Monday, March 3, 2014

Comeback treats and the first mini-egg sightings!

Growing up everyone has dealt with Hostess Snack Cakes. Hostess cupcakes, Hostess snowball, Hostess Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and of course the all too famous Hostess Twinkie. The company however went bankrupt, most recently in 2012, and it seemed that might be the end of all these unique sweets. However as in most bankruptcies someone stepped up and bought up the brand and the right to produce the signature cakes and on it goes.
Classic Hostess Snacks threatened by bankruptcy!
Absent someone signing up for a cake today we had to rely upon the vending machine where for the first time we found a few Hostess Brand cakes proudly emblazoned with "The Sweetest Comeback Ever" on the wrapping.  How could we not give them a try.  So we picked up some of the cupcakes - you know the chocolate ones with the cream on the inside and the squiggle on the top.  Also we got some Zingers which where chocolate cake strips, also with cream filling, with a milk chocolate frosting on the top.
Today's contingency treats!

The post bankruptcy slogan for Hostess snacks!

It's on the Zingers also!
We are happy to say that with the sale to a new owner and the comeback of the brand, everything now tastes ---- exactly as it did before! The cakes had the same consistency, the cream in the center the same vegetable shortening taste and the frosting was as hard as ever. It's too bad there were no Twinkies for us to try. They might have tasted a little bit different given that they now have a 45 day shelf life. We can't imagine how they managed to pull that off. We are not in a rush to try a 44 day old Twinkie for sure!
The cream filled Zingers out of the package!
If you think this frosting is smooth and creamy - think again!

The classic Hostess cupcakes - around since long before the cupcake craze!

The classic squiggles are still there!
Fortunately Cadbury Mini-Eggs made their first appearance of the upcoming Easter season. Since they were already on sale we picked up a few bags.  The fact that they are awesome and almost addictive was a nice counterpoint to the Hostess Snack Cakes that we were happy to tray but probably not going to try again.  Some things never change!
The first of the season - hopefully we will see a lot more!

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