Monday, March 31, 2014

With the Irish Cream Cheesecake a Keyla piece is defined

This was something new.  An Irish Cream cheesecake!!  Maybe it was a leftover from Saint Patrick's Day.  Maybe we should have checked the stale date - not that it would have mattered. Basically this was a cheesecake with some Irish Cream Liquor according to the ingredients. We assume that is the same as Irish Cream Liqueur. As a cheesecake it was perfectly adequate and as could be expected the taste of the "liquor" was not in the least overpowering. This is probably so they can sell it in graocery stores in the first place.
Irish Cream Cheesecake is something new!
Made with real Irish liquor.
The cake looked good with the top decorated with what seemed to be a chocolate swirl on the top giving it a marbled effect. There is no cocoa in the ingredient list, however, so maybe it is a molasses swirl?  Or food coloring? The cake itself was pretty dense and had a light tan color.  Again we conclude that is due to the molasses. Regardless it was good as cheesecakes go but wasn't as memorable as we expected. The Cheesecake Factory is in no danger of being supplanted.
There was plenty to go around because even though it was pre-cut into 16 pieces, most people only ate half of a piece.  It seems everyone watches their weight these days! 
Do you think it was commercially packed?
Take away the cardboard and we're ready to go.
Great swirl for a marble effect but what is it?
Something to really stick to the ribs!
One of our recent colleagues is known to come to cake hour and remark how good everything looks only to decline to actually eat anything. This time she agreed to eat a piece but insisted it be small. We obliged and gave her a really small piece thinking it was a joke.  The person thought that it was perfect, however. Since we had never dealt with someone wanting something this small we adopted the size of the piece as a new standard. IHO the person wanting the teeny piece we now refer to it as a Keyla piece.
She said she wanted a tiny piece!
From here on this is a Keyla piece!

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