Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Farewell to another colleague from the Middle Kingdom!

Today we cake hour also featured a celebration IHO one of our visiting scholars from China. He had come to spend some time observing American clinical technique but also to get his feet wet - so to speak - in basic research.  Now it is time for him to return the clouded skies of Beijing and reminisce about his time in a place where science was admirable and the air was clear if cold.
Presentation of certificate of accomplishment
Celebrating another success!
Memento shot with the mentors!
For the cake hour treat we had a favorite from a favored bakery - the Vienna Bakery from Barrington, RI. This is their version of a chocolate cake and it is really good.  Why is that?  Well, the fact that they use a chocolate whipped cream frosting instead of the usual butter or shortening based cream frosting probably had a lot to do with it.  This is a good solid layered chocolate cake with the whipped cream between the layers and plentiful with decoration on the top.  You really cannot go wrong with this cake unless you are not a fan of chocolate.
A favorite!
Good solid chocolate cake!
Ready to roll!
The crowd awaits the makeover.
We shared the cake and then presented our homeward bound colleague with some parting gifts. As usual it was a Brown University insignia makeover. This consisted of a solid sweatshirt with Brown logo and info embroidered on it and it was topped of with a baseball cap displaying the name of the Medical School. 
All set for the Brown Quad!
Proudly showing off his academic affiliation and certification!
 Our colleague was quite happy with his new look and also with the official certificate of accomplishment. He was also very grateful to have been part of the whole experience and looked forward to welcoming us all to and guiding us through China one future day.  The is certainly something to look forward to.   Till then!
Next year in Beijing!

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