Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frozen Tiramisu anyone?

We've had a love affair with tiramisu ever since one of our colleagues from Italy made it a cake hour signature dish. She is in London now but we still manage to get our fill.  The square cake we have today is usually available at Whole Foods if you are in need of a fix. They make a good product with  a nice balance of ingredients.  You'll have a good cough if you breathe in the cocoa powder, BTW.  These do tend to come out of the freezer but that is actually okay. When the mascarpone is frozen it makes the whole thing taste like ice cream which we are a-okay with.  For that matter does anyone even make tiramisu ice cream.  Something to think about!!

Never a bore though we've seen this before!

Breathing in the powder may lead to a cocoa sneeze!
It looks solid because it is still a little frozen. Tiramisu ice cream, anyone?
Vertical version with the ingredients stacked.

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