Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PBSD - Post Bagel Stress Disorder

Today was a light day at cake hour.  One of the last boxes of Girl Scout Cookies turned up.  This time it was the shortbread cookies.   As shortbread goes, I think this has been said, they are perfectly fine but are not going to give Walker's shortbread any competition.  They go well with coffee or tea and, this has also been said, since the GS cookies these days have gotten to be pretty much bit size, you can comfortably have about 5 of these without putting much of a dent in your daily caloric intake.
Evey cookie box has this propaganda!
The antithesis of Mean Girls!!
You get all this from selling GS cookies!
Your basic shortbread - some a little crumbled!
We found out that one of our colleagues has PBSD!!  That is post bagel stress disorder.  Coming from China via Japan, she was in a supermarket and saw a pre-made bagel sandwich that looked delicious. She decided to give it a try but the bagel was apparently hard enough that she had trouble chewing it.  The experience was enough to scare her away from bagels permanently and conclude that all of them were surely as hard and hard to eat as the one she had.  Even when a friend back in Japan mentioned that she missed bagels, our colleague couldn't understand how she could miss something so awful.  She spent many years of bagel avoidance. When we mentioned the mini-bagels that get served with smoked salmon at our holiday party, she told us how she refused to eat them and ate her salmon with crackers instead.
Maybe she should have tried this!
Another type of hard bagel!
We didn't want our friend to go through life marred by a single bagel experience so we explained how they were made, where you can get them that are good, and the things you can have with them.  We also told her how she could toast a bagel to warm it up when it is cold and hard.  She seemed intrigued and may likely give them another try. However, she did not rush off to the bagel gourmet down the street to lad up on everything bagels.  We're hope we saved our colleague years of therapy and hopefully helped speed her recovery from PBSD.
Bagels have feelings and need acceptance too!!

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