Monday, March 16, 2015

It's not a coffee's Monkey Bread!!

Today we thought we were having a couple of coffee cakes.  The first one read Apple Caramel which we would love. The second read 'Freshly Baked Monkey Bread". Monkey Bread? We've had a lot of cakes but this was a first at least for the name.  We were a little incredulous but there is a Wikipedia page:  You learn something new every day.
Easy enough!!

Monkey Bread?? Sometimes called Monkey Brains!

Can't figure out the name from this!

Classic coffee cake topping!

I think Indiana Jones would have preferred this version of Monkey Brains!

These two cakes were good but were also quite different.  The Apple Caramel was a little dense almost like a banana bread whereas the Monkey Bred was drier, more like a real bread with a cinnamon swirl throughout. The Apple Caramel had the expected streusel type topping.  The Monkey Bread had a burnt caramel from the baking on top as well as a caramel swirl and regular icing. The Wiki description talks about Monkey Bread as being gooey. I think the top is what they were referring to. Both were perfect companions for coffee and we enjoyed our first taste of Monkey Brains...I mean Bread.
This one is dense!
This somewhat dry!
The topping is the gooey part!!

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