Friday, February 24, 2017

And it's time to start saying thank you b- with a cake!

One of our guys will be leaving shortly to further his career back in Japan!  In anticipation, a colleague with whom he had done a lot of work signed up for cake and it came with a personal message.  It was yet another cake from the renowned Vienna Bakery in Barrington and it was again something we had not seen before! It was a bit of a Boston Creme type cake.  The layers were yellow/vanilla with a pastry cream in between.  On top there was a modest layer of chocolate frosting with a white frosting drizzle. Instead of the frosting dripping over the sides a la Boston Creme style, there was instead a covering of white chocolate curls. This was a little different though taste wise it was very similar to the Boston cake relative.
Somewhat resembles a Boston Creme Pie/Cake
It's got the chocolate on the top!
The white chocolate curls are a creative touch!
Layers of yellow cake with pastry creme filling worked well.!
As with all of the Vienna cakes, it was very fresh and as such quite delicious. The big secret to their cakes and a lot of quality bakery products is that they are lighter and seemingly less caloric than a lot of the commercial cakes most supermarkets and mass production bakeries come up with. The Vienna also has some interesting combinations and that was the case here adding the white chocolate to the sides.  This was very much appreciated as was the message of thanks that was inscribed on the top!
From one colleague to another!
Message on top says it all!

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