Monday, February 27, 2017

If it has chocolate and cherries then call it Black Forest

I think we are rapidly becoming the Vienna Bakery's best customer!  Because several of our colleagues live in Barrington, RI where it is located, when they sign up to bring it something for cake hour it usually is from that bakery.  Lately we have had a run but they still manage to come up with something different.
An interesting look for a cheesecake!
Today we had a cheesecake.  It was not entirely typical.  If you've read some of the posts from previous years, you have to know by now what  Black Forest cake or in German Schwarzwälderkirschtorte.  Basically it is a cake that features chocolate and cherries -as well as some cherry brandy if it is the real thing.  Over here, pairing up those two and then calling whatever it is Black Forest has become somewhat regular.  So you can get a Black Forest muffin, a Black Forest trifle (which we have had) a Black Forest ice cream sundae and today we got a Black Forest cheesecake.
The bottom looks classic New York sryle!
Topped with some dark chocolate and bright red cherries!!
It was a standard New York style cheesecake however the filling included some cherries, a bit of a chocolate swirl, (we think),  a layer of dark chocolate on top and then some more maraschino cherries as garnish. In truth,  the cherries should be the dark sour cherries but they are probably harder to come by. 
How do they get the stems so red?
And how did this all go together in a cheesecake?  Pretty well actually!  This type of cheesecake from Vienna Bakery is very creamy, not too sweet and not overpouringly dense.  The cherries and the chocolate worked well together with the cake and it tasted very good.  So we concluded a Black Forest cheesecake or German Schwarzwälderkäsekuchen was not such a bad idea.  And as you can see the German language does indeed have some very long words!
Chocolate and cherries on the inside too!

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