Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For Valentine's Day - a pie with red filling!

Red is the color of Valentine's Day!!  In the past we've celebrated with some heart shaped donuts but nobody was really into Dunkin' Donuts or DD!!  Today we just had a pie -  with a red filling so there was some intimation of recognizing VD!
Trader Joe's for VD
Its a pie indeed!
Thatched top is a nice touch!
The pie was strawberry rhubarb from Trader Joe's.  It looked kind of homemade and not like your cookie cutter pies from the regular supermarket.  There was a thatched curst on top and exactly what you would expect from strawberry rhubarb filling.
The irregularity of the crust and the stuff spilling out gives it a homemade appearance!
Some of that crust is pretty thick!
It was good for the most part but the takeaway is this was a very doughy pie.  The crust tended to be a little thick and not very flakey. The volume of filling to crust was probably a little on the low side.  It was nice but even though it is Valentine's Day, probably no expressions of eternal love for this pie, just a passing fling.

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