Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In you were wondering what happens when a cheesecake and a pecan pie get together..

.....well wonder no more! The Cheesecake Factory has answered the question!  This is their pumpkin pecan cheesecake and it certainly is a good looking creation.  We particularly like those swirls of whipped cream decorating all the pre-sliced pieces.  This is one of their frozen cakes but once defrosted they are all absolutely fine.  From our perspective it would be helpful if the slices were a bit smaller because it is tough to eat one of these unless you are thinking of participating in the obesity epidemic.
Another Cheesecake Factory Creation

Looking good...especially that whipped cream

From on high it's a pecan pie

The pecan pie layer is topped by the pumpkin cheesecake

Can we stand it?

As you can see from the sliced cake what this amounts to is a pumpkin cheesecake placed atop a pecan pie. The bottom is the classic pecan pie sweet, sticky, syrupy goodness including a layer of pecans. And in a stroke of genius or folly they plop a decently thick pumpkin cheesecake above the pie.  (This layering of different cake types seems to be a theme among cheesecake companies.) Add another layer of pecans and the blobs of whipped cream and there you have it. It's a rather extreme tandem expression of two uniquely American favorites but it worked.  The caveat was that you had to take it in small doses so we got two or three servings out of every slice.  The cake still disappeared before the day was out but no one is admitting they went back for settings. Thanks to the boss for coming up with this with little to no notice.

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