Friday, January 14, 2011

Italian Treats at Masa's Last Cake Hour

We continue on with our international theme for the week having sampled goodies from Hungary and Korea.  Today's batch of delicacies is compliments of L'Italiana in Centro di Ricerca del Fegato.  It consisted of several things and some of them made for great translations. Baci di Dama - Lady's Kiss!
Panpepato - peppered bread!  Pocket Coffee - Pocket Coffee! Okay we don't know why that last one isn't called Tasca Caffe or something similar but Mon Cheri, which was also included, isn't Italian either. There does not appear to be a translation for Krumiri but they were like shortbread cookies that resembled caterpillars.
Dolci d'Italia
Non-Hershey Kisses
Panpepato - lethal weapon!
Krumiri - shortbreads that look like caterpillars
Box o' goodies!
Where to start?
The Panpepato from the Pasticceria Leon d'Oro is apparently a specialty of Ferrera. (It says that on the label.) This has been described as a darker version of Pan D'Oro but it is much different. It is denser. heavier, stuffed with almonds and is chocolate. The dark chocolate coating on the outside was great.  This panpepato was so dense that you could probably seriously injure someone by dropping it on their head.  We did not intend it as a weapon and it was very, very good and went well with a regular coffee or a pocket coffee.

Panpepato with a dark chocolate coat

Inside it's nuts!

A pocket coffee is a filled piece of chocolate that contains a shot of espresso.  So in one blast you get a chocolate tasting pick-me-up. They are unique and everyone likes them as we have had them before. We only wonder why you seemingly can't get them over here. Of course we haven't really looked that hard either.

The perfect pick me up!
An international classic
The lady's kisses were like little meringue cookies pieced held together with a layer of chocolate and the krumiri were good old fashioned shortbread although somewhat lighter. Both were well received. It is only unfortunate that we did not get one more package of that brand of cookie.  According to the blue heart that was on each package, three proof of purchase seals, i.e. the blue heart, would have gotten us a gift of a wellness treatment. The offer was under the byline "Beato Chi si Ama" - Blessed are those who love. It's too bad this gift offer got overlooked.

We coulda had a spa treatment!
The big white container was full of chocolate things including classic Ferrero Rochers (made in Italy) Gianduttas, Mon Cheris, and Vitor's Golden Poker and Noir candies. (Milk chocolate and dark chocolate type pralines.)  The Pocket Coffees went the fastest indicating everyone was needing a little boost but everyone one of these are fantastico.

How many calories in this serving?

Caffe ultimo con Masa!
Although we had given him a sendoff yesterday today turned out to be Masa's last cake hour so we sent him off with a group photo.  Ciao Signor Masa until the next time!

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