Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sayonara Shimoda-san!

Today's cake time took place a little bit earlier than normal as we bade farewell to another Japanese colleague. Our friend Masa, whose wife, affectionately known as Mrs. Masa, frequently baked us the very delightful chiffon cake, must now return to Japan.  We know he will miss being here as once back in Japan he will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by having to see patients and little time will be left for research.  Before he left we celebrated his work and accomplishments and wished him well.

Some sayonara refreshments
In addition to peach champagne we had two very good chocolate cakes. The one that ended up getting eaten was one of the famous flourless chocolate cakes. What that means is there is going to be a lot of other things that will make it denser, richer and more fattening. You know things like..butter.  But who's cake hour. The cakes came courtesy of Eastside Marketplace which does good quality stuff although the selection seemed a bit lame.  We weren't sure if there would be enough so we go the other one which is a chocolate layer cake but the one sans flour was quite enough.
Flourless but not fatless chocolate cake

This one will have to wait

As usual we presented Masa with some appropriate parting gifts and gave him a Brown gear makeover.  We also continued our practice of presenting something that is sure to be a nuisance to carry back on an airplane. Fortunately those overhead compartments can handle good size framed pictures. It was clearly appropriate that the Brown winter scene be included as his departure was preceded by a blizzard.

After the makeover

Yep, you have to take that on the plane!
Most everyone was philosophical about yet another departure but some clearly were in despair.  We think they will be fine!  To Masa we say さようならand 幸運 and we will see you at the AASLD.

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