Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Korean Konfection

Yesterday it was Hungarian, today it is Korean. Another one of our wandering researchers has returned from the home country and brought some goodies for the cake hour crowd.  Obviously with the amount of time required to travel from the Far East it was unlikely that we were going to get home baked goodies. So a suitable alternative was sought in some Korean sweets that are mass marketed and easy to take on the plane.  As we are open to everything we were happy to partake of the offerings from Daehanminguk aka the Republic of Korea.
Korean Sweets

Oh, Ye!

Crown Creambles

Admirable to say the least
 We had two types to choose from. One was called Ye and the other name we could not read but appeared to be translated as Creamble made by Crown company.  The further description referred to it as a "Fresh Cream and Admirable Cake"...."an original cream cake baked by pound cake style".  In some respects it was admirable.  In the end they appeared to be Korean versions of whoopie pies or something similar.
Chocolate, cream and a strawberry layer
Korean Whoopie Pie
Ye had chocolate on the outside and was filled with a marshmallow like cream with a strawberry layer in the center.  It was very light, was not too sweet and tasted good as the chocolate and strawberry complemented each other.  The Creamble was a sandwich of two cookie like cakes with a cream center and a coating of chocolate on the outside. In some respects a step up from the classic Whoopie Pie.  It was explained that this was a very popular product with Korea;'s neighbors and was exported all over. Now we understand why!

Creamy fillings with a serving of fruit
Creamble had a panel on the back for Art Block. Since it was all in Korean we could only try to interpret some meaning from the pictures. Event 1 looked the most interesting because it's possible all those pictured items were being given or raffled away.  Feel free to check out the referred to website although it too is only in Korean! 
What's up at ArtBlock? Who knows!

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