Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The first and possibly last Easter Egg Hunt

 One of our colleagues was deprived as a child. She never experienced an Easter Egg Hunt. So another of our colleagues decided that she would conduct one during cake hour and invite all to participate to give the deprived one the joy of the hunt! Since both of them forswore sweets for the Lenten season it had to take place after Easter.

The hunt organizer! 
.......and the hunt is on! 
I'm VERY competitive! Watch it or I'll yank it our of your hands!

Not the biggest haul!
Five was my lucky number!
I only got two!
We coulda been contenders!
Did I get the most?? 
So today 42 plastic eggs were dutifully hidden in a break room that was not particularly large. Hence it was not the most challenging hunt but folks played along and found some booty.  The deprived one seemed to get into it. In fact she really got into it. With the qualification "I'm very competitive" she tried to yank eggs found by others right out of their hands and was rather otherwise pretty zealous in trying to horde as many as possible in pursuit of the big prize. Did someone not mention that this is a fun event and not a bloodthirsty contest of will?  Perhaps the lack of sugar for the 40 days prior had driven her to desperation and withdrawal prompting the need for a significant fix. Nonetheless the big prize - an M&M bunny - was left for all as there was no clear winner!  Whether this gets repeated is a big question.

"Artisan" Fresh Cake 
Can I offer you some bundt?

When the Easter treats don't do it have Lemon Crunch on the side! 
Easter candy was not the only offering today, however.  In addition we had an Artisan Fresh Lemon Crunch Bundt Cake. (Artisan Fresh?) It was a nice gesture to have the cake in addition to the sweets from the hunt. The cake was moist and good and nobody tried to yank a piece our of your hand once you availed yourself of some!
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