Friday, April 29, 2011

She's so small she could fit in an oven

Today we enjoyed the visit of the youngest cake hour cackler to date.  Two months fresh from the womb our little lady stopped by to introduce herself and take in the sights and sounds.  Given how young she is there was little else that she could do. She is the first niece of one of our graduate students who was very proud to show her off as was her mother who also attended...someone had to bring the child after all.

The youngest visitor to cake hour!
Aubrey was quite a hit and seemed to impress everyone with how good she behaved. She didn't fuss or cry or do any of those things that young kids do that drive you crazy when you are stuck with one of them in the cabin of an international flight.  She behaved very well, noticed things - particularly the young men in the room, smiled a lot and prompted a lot of comments about how beautiful she was, how good she was...etc.  One interesting comment that we suppose is a compliment was "it's totally amazing, your baby is so normal."  We think that is a profound statement of the mystery of life.

She's so beautiful! 
This bun is out of the oven for good!
The most unusual comment however was the one that is the title of the post.  She's so small she could fit in an oven. At this point we asked the mother to get away from the microwave and are assured that there
is one person who will not be babysitting any time soon.

Where's the baby?
It being the end of Easter week we were feasting on Easter goodies again albeit now at discount prices. More Peeps showed up and lined up as an audience for the visiting baby.  Several of them then met a common demise becoming the marshmallow topping to a cup of hot chocolate...a fitting and quite tasty end for a Peep.  
Peeps return with the 50% off items!

These include Hershey's version of mini eggs and some more Robin's Eggs.

Peeps take a hot chocolate bath!

We're me-e-e-e-e-l-t-i-i-i-ing!

Tucked away to be enjoyed another day!

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