Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a bomb, were you expecting one?

We got bombed today!  Our offering was a seven inch truffle bomb cake. I really think they spelled it wrong and it is supposed to be bombe.  Who knows? They could get into trouble with Homeland Security! I'm sure stranger things have happened.

Is it a cake?

No, it's a bomb!

Well done and only $14.99!!

Nonetheless as is the case with most bombes it was a semi-spherical cake with filling and frosting.  This was a chocolate truffle so the cake was classic chocolate cake. It was layered and in between the layers were what appeared to be dark and milk chocolate mousse.  The frosting was very much like a ganache  It seemed like it would be very rich and heavy but it wasn't. Maybe because of the mousse, it was airier than expected and on the whole it was pretty damn good.  This made for a special chocolatey treat that went great with coffee.

Looking good before the knife!

Layers of mousse and cake made for quite a treat!

When it come to something like this we say bomb's away.  We will also give extra credit to anyone who knows the source of today's title which is a quote from a movie.

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