Monday, April 4, 2011

Not your grandma's apple pie - Oh, my gode!

Today we had a treat from yet another Providence Bakery that we have sampled before. Of late we were not seeing anything from them because their ovens were broken. How a bakery stays in business with broken ovens is a mystery but apparently things are repaired and they are baking up a storm.  The Scialo Brothers Bakery is over on Federal Hill the "Little Italy" of Providence where there are a number of bakeries and good Italian Restaurants.  Right now they are featuring their Easter menu which includes a "Lam and Bunny Cake".  We needed to explain to someone that this was a cake in the shape of the referenced animals and not a cake made with the flesh of the two.  Some Easter traditions apparently are not universally known.

The Scialo Boys are bacjk

Lamb cake or cake made with lamb?

 What we got today was a big, fat and fattening version of an apple pie.  Instead of the top crust it was covered with a thick and fancy layer of one of our favorite things...whipped cream!  Now what is not to like about this! The apples were good, fresh not to mushy, and also not too sweet.  The whipped cream was the real thing to say the least and our cholesterol levels went through the roof for sure.  In some respects this was more like fresh fruit and whipped cream in a pie shell. It was a delicious alternative to a standard apple pie and we applaud the bakery for going beyond the standard recipe and providing a new take on an American classic.  An apple pie is always great with whipped cream so why not just make it that way?? It makes sense to us.

This is an apple pie???

Swirls of good stuff!

Who needs that top crust when you can have this?

Fruit and cream the perfect combination.

In our constant effort to expand our minds and our multicultural knowledge we learned today why French movie goers are all atwitter when they hear English speaking actors constantly exclaiming "Oh, my God!" (O, mon dieu! in French, of course.)  Apparently the French homonym for god is gode! The translation is nothing celestial but instead refers to a plastic or rubber replica of the male sexual organ.  Dildo in the vernacular.   So what the fran├žais are hearing is "Oh, my dildo!" That was the multicultural exchange for the day

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