Friday, January 4, 2013

An almond chocolate coconut wonder

Doesn't the title sound appealing? What could a wonder be?  We were being treated to another gluten free concoction.  This time it appeared to be some kind of chocolate pie.  We were told that it was made with almonds and chocolate and of course no flour because it couldn't have gluten.  We of course, are game to try anything so we proceeded to try the cake even though it was supposed to be the birthday confection for one of our colleagues. She was nowhere to be seen but that did not stop us from digging in.
The latest gluten free experience!
The side was not chewed on - it was taken for tasting!

It's like a dense "flourless chocolate cake".

Top had a nice texture and swirl!

Dense it is indeed!
The little white prortrusions are the coconut!
So why is it a wonder...well it was actually pretty good!  To be truthful the ingredients make it similar to one of those "flourless chocolate cakes"  that you encounter at posh restaurants that sound a little pretentious.  We did not realize at first that it also included coconut but that did not matter. The "cake" was rich but not overly so and tasted good and chocolatey. The coconut went will with the almonds and the texture was also good.  Since most gluten free attempts at baked good have not been so good we decided to dub this a wonder. There was supposed to be whipped cream to go with it which of course would have made it even more of a wonder.

It was my birthday and you didn't wait....
We had a few new participants in cake hour today. One is from Brazil where they speak Portuguese of course. His name tag said Ricardo but it was pronounced Hicardo with the r sounding like an h. That an initial r was spoken this way was news to us. So we asked "You don't pronounce the name of the city Hio de Janeiro do you?  We were told in fact they do!  And the city Recifé is pronounced Hecifé.  If the r is in the middle of the word then it is pronounced like and English (or Spanish) r.  Well this was our Portuguese lesson for the day. We did decide that if we gave him a nickname we would not call our new colleague "Hicky"!
I can do research and eat cake too!!
Just don't call him Hicky!

Another new member of the cake hour set!
At the end of cake hour we were treated to one of those rare sunsets in Providence.  Check it out!

Providence sunset!
Great color!
Great ball of fire!
The sun sets into a sea of red!

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