Thursday, January 24, 2013

Penalty Cake!!

We haven't had a penalty cake in a while.  What is a penalty cake?  It is a good-natured way to let someone know that they missed something obvious.  In this case, one of our friends was looking for a certain chemical that has to be stored in a hazardous chemical cabinet.  The person checked in the cabinet and didn't see what was sought.  They then proceeded to seek assistance in finding some of the chemical, in this case methanol.  Now it just so happens that 12 gallons in 12 bottles of methyl alcohol had been delivered and placed in the cabinet the day before.  Despite being told there was plenty our researcher insisted it was not there.  Here is where the penalty clause takes effect.  If in fact the material they are seeking is indeed there and someone else had to go over and point out the obvious then the person is assessed a penalty cake. They have to sign up for cake hour in the immediate future.  
Penalty cake for the day!
 So our person was accompanied to the cabinet and was promptly shown that there were 12 bottles in plain sight.  So how would this happen. It is perception, of course. Methanol normally comes in a brown glass bottle but this time a different grade was ordered that came in a white plastic bottle. Expecting to see a bunch of brown bottles, the dozen white bottle were totally overseen.  You may think give me a break but we are not so lenient when it comes to cake.  In addition, we try to make it painfully obvious that the stuff is around by asking if they are "very sure" they can't find anything. In other words we drop big hints but sometimes they're not picked up on.  Our methanol seeking friend took it in stride and gamely signed up for a slot and brought the goods today.  It was another coffee cake from Sam's Club. Their brand is Artisan Fresh!
Blueberry Oat Streusel Bundt Cake..and it's Artisan Fresh!
Looks pretty good outside the package!
It was another coffee cake from Sam's Club. Their brand is Artisan Fresh!  We have had many of their offerings and today it was a Blueberry Oat Streusel Bundt Cake. Now that is a mouthful.  It proudly states is made with real blueberries and topped with an oat streusel topping.  We would hope the blueberries would be real. Seriously, what else could they be?  Nonetheless, these Artisan Fresh line of coffee cakes are pretty good.  This one was drizzled with sugar syrup and had more streusel than oats on the top.  The cake was tasty and moist but truth be told there probably could have been a few more of those real blueberries.  As you can see in the representative slice, it was not exactly bursting with them. 
Streusel View!

More streusel than oats, I fear!
The cake is good but not a helluva lot of blueberries to be found!

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