Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Turkey Treats!!

The title here has a dual meaning at least for the author of this post.  It is what the cat gets every morning for breakfast. Turkey treats consists of slices of deli turkey warmed up in the microwave and then sliced up and fed to the cat. It used to be by hand but lately, at the age of two months shy of twenty years she gets impatient and digs right in.  This habit started simply enough when rather than throw out some old frozen turkey slices, they were fed to the cat over the course of a few days. Well cats being the way they are it very quickly turned into a habit and has been going on now for years and we don't try to forget it because she lets us know when she is not happy about getting her turkey treats.
It's time for Turkey Treats?
These are the Turkey Treats!
But these cake hour turkey treats were something different.  One of our Turkish colleagues returned to the homeland over the holidays and came back with some goodies from a few bakeries in Istanbul.  These included some cookies - very appropriate for the holidays - and of course some Turkish delights.   The cookies were what we expected. They tasted good, some not sweet but salty, and paired well with coffee or tea. There were several different kinds including one that seemed more like a cheese biscuit.  We enjoyed them all and probably would have eaten a ton more had they been available.
Selection of cookies all the way from Turkey!

Traditional holiday shapes even!

Some are sweet and some salty!
We have had Turkish delights in many forms.  Today's treats came from the Cafer Erol which we assume means Cafe Erol. These were particularly good according to the general consensus. We do tend to like the ones with the embedded pistachios and these fit the bill.  Despite the fact that they are smothered with powdered sugar they are still not overly sweet.  The texture of these was perfect and those who were not familiar with them were all very impressed.
Something special in the box!
From Care Erol!

Nice presentation!
More Turkish delights!

Those darker spots are the pistachios!
You won't find these in Providence!
Good choices from out Turkish friend who this time around learned a little bit about how you can't go home again.  Having been in Providence for a number of years the return to Istanbul put that city's considerably larger bustle and traffic issues in a different light.  Staid and considerably smaller Providence was something she had gotten used to.  Who would have imagined?  Of course, Istanbul is in no danger of being supplanted from what it is. Providence has a long way to go before that could EVER happen.
How you gonna keep down in Istanbul - after they've seen PVD!

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