Friday, January 18, 2013

Tub o' Corn instead of cake!

For about six days around the holidays there was this box sitting near the elevators on our floor.  No one seemed to claim it. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a holiday gift for one of our researchers.  There was even such a message on the outside of the box so who knows why it took so long for someone to say something.  The box was pretty large too which means it was not easy to ignore.  
This baby sat unnoticed for about a week!

A clue as to what's inside!
Ready for the unveiling!
A trio o' corn in the tub o' corn!
Anyway the return address of the Popcorn Factory gave a clear hint as to what might be inside.  It is an appropriate gift as the recipient likes things gluten free and popcorn fills that bill.  It was turned over to the cake hour cacklers so today instead of a cake we had a rather big tub o'corn!

The tub had divider so there could be three different flavors.  There was regular buttered popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn and finally caramel corn.  We were impressed with the reassurances on the lid of the tub that this was freshly made and all that.  Despite the fact that it said around as long as it did the popcorn was still pretty crunchy and neither soggy nor stale.  So today was a sweet and salty day. For those who wanted their sweet treat there was the caramel corn that reminder a lot of Cracker Jacks.  For the others there was the regular and for those who wanted to up their blood pressure with a blast of sodium there was the cheese corn. 
Electric orange means cheddar cheese!
Bright yellow means butter1
Carmel corn is caramel corn!
One interesting thing about the corn, similar to other food products, is the decision to accentuate the color.  I guess they think people expect it to be the color or need to have it so bright that you can automatically discern what the taste is. Who knows?  But the regular popcorn was an electric yellow beyond what any butter is shaded. Likewise the fluorescent orange of the cheese corn is unlike any cheddar yet seen.  For those put off by such artificial enhancement stick with the caramel corn which is the color it should be.

This much was left after day one!

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