Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fruit Loops Cake and Mamma Fuku to you too!

Our student cake master for the day paid a visit to the Wayland Bakery over on the East Side of PVD. He brought in the large box so we figure it would be something big and indeed it was.  The cake was a large cake intended for birthday's or other events with an empty space on the top for a message.  There was none and we dutifully informed our student colleague to have them put something for an inscription next time like "Student Cake Month 2013" or "Go LRC"! In other words, get creative.
Stopped by the Wayland!
In this view the cake is as big as he is!
This would make a great birthday cake!
Big empty space for your greeting!
The cake had a very precisely smeared chocolate frosting that was of the butter cream type.  It was embellished with some white frosting swirls along the top edge and the base of the cake. For color they added the candy confetti on the white frosting decoration. It looked....fine!  It is just the type of cake that you would get for your kid's birthday.
They did a good job frosting this cake!
Three layers with white frosting in between!
The cake was not chocolate, though. It was a yellow cake with three layers and in between the layers was more of the white frosting.  The cake was basic and....fine. We give it a three star rating. The rating got a half star extra because the cake was very well assembled. Otherwise, although we are sure this was prepared fresh, there was nothing particularly distinguishing about this cake.

Not bad but a tad generic!
Unless of course you believed all the summer student interns who observed that the cake tasted like Fruit Loops...the cereal.  What was interesting is that once one person volunteered that, the next person who was asked, without knowing what was previously said, also said that it tasted like Fruit Loops. Assuming this was no organized mania, to those familiar with the cereal I guess the cake really tasted like Fruit Loops. For those of us for whom the memory of fruit loops is very distant the connection and the taste sensation was not there.
It's the cereal with the Toucan, man!
And the cake supposedly tasted like these!
This conclusion led to a broader discussion about breakfast cereals.  Truth be told, the preferences for our crowd definitely tended towards the sweeter ones.  For a few Lucky Charms was the ultimate cereal whereas others were creeped out by the marshmallows.  Regular Cheerios were deemed inedible as compared to Honey Nut Cheerios...the most expensive cereal on the market. And for a few, things like Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal was breakfast nirvana.  We can't wait to see if, as these age, they develop a taste for steel cut oats or other cardboard tasting grains in the interests of better health.
Enjoy those sweet cereals now because this is what the future holds in store!
The talk of cereals included a remark that cereals like Fruit Loops color the milk.  From this we learned that there is some restaurant in New York where they take such milk, flavored by cereals, and use it to bake cookies.  (I don't know many cookie recipes that call for milk but whatever.) There was some incredulity about that but lo and behold it does exist,
It's for real, and they do something with "cereal milk."
Somehow then the name of the restaurant came up which was Mamma Fuku or something like that.  Next we ended up hearing about the restaurant offering a 16 course lunch for $175.00 and a 10 course dinner for $125.00.  The obvious question was asked...who has the time for a 16 course lunch. Check out the website, though:
It's only twelve seats for a 16 course three hour lunch.
Mamma Fuku, despite it's resemblance to an English expletive, is supposed to mean "Happy Peach" in Japanese.  We called for our Japanese colleague to get a confirmation but the did not appear..  We did confirm later that Moma is the word for peach and fuku can mean happy.  Glad we settled that and no one needs to get offended, then, saying the name of the restaurant which, as you see, is Momafuku.
And Moma Fuku to you too from the Happy Peach!

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