Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Eastside Marketplace?? #not again

We seem to have gotten into a rut for student cake month.  Instead of using this opportunity to further explore and expand their culinary capabilities due to either convenience or lack of imagination our student cake month participants have been relying a lot upon the commercial particular the East Side Market.  The problem lies in that most of those cakes have already been tried..some of them several times.  So if you are looking to wow and impress this is probably not the way to go...hello?
It's something new for me!
Dèja vu!
A little asymmetry makes a statement!
Choco-crunch for contrast!
Today's treat was also a rerun of something we have had before.  Our intern for the day lived up to her distaste for chocolate cake and instead found a yellow cake, with a few embellishments. In some respects this was the negative of the cake from two days ago. Whereas on Tuesday it was chocolate with white accents, today's cake was white with chocolate accents.  The cake itself was yellow with a vanilla shortening based frosting.  There was a choco-crunch type thing adorning the sides and several sticks of dark chocolate making a pattern..albeit not entirely symmetrical...on the top.  A candied cherry was in the center.
Yellow cake and white chocolate need apply!
What's there to say? The cake itself wasn't bad...fresh and not dry.  The frosting was perhaps a bit too basic and commercial. There was a lot left over on plates providing another opportunity for cake frosting art though the white color of the frosting did not contrast well with the plate so our cake art creation is not so distinctive. Overall the cake wasn't either so it gets a two star rating.
A tsunami of swirls!  Today's frosting art!
We did learn that our cake hour intern of the day is trying to gain weight.  That prompted a whole lot of suggestions such as having more than one piece of cake...with which she easily complied today since the cake was not chocolate.  The more creative involved the suggestion to use the high fat rodent diet pellets as croutons on a salad to give extra calories.  We're not really serious but consider ourselves up to the challenge to getting her to put on the pounds. Perhaps she can spend time with her beer drinking colleague!
Have two or three of these a day and you'll pack on some pounds!
Working on that weight gain!
Our younger tech friends helped explain the whole concept of hash tag to yours truly who does not and likely never will tweet.  Hearing it everywhere, it was explained that was the way to link together things that have similar subjects. Assuming you could only follow individual twitter accounts it is comforting to know you can also keep up on all the people who use certain words or phrases like fart.  (That was the example given.) This is truly monumental.  #don't you think. The other question about why on Twitter it has to be called a hash tag and not the pound sign like on the phone was left unresolved. #any ideas?

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