Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I would so love to biopsy her liver!

Today we had a duo of cakes for student cake month day three.  These came from the East Side Marketplace in Providence as did yesterday's cake. We see a trend, maybe. 

It's a twofer from the Eastside Marketplace!
Two respectable looking treats!

I'm happy to add a volume element to the competition!

The first one that got sliced up for everyone to try was some described as a lemon torte.  The presentation was nice, for sure  A small rectangular cake frosted on the sides and top with swirls of vanilla cream.  The sides were subsequently covered with some crunchy thing.  A few candy lemon slices completed the look.  The torte was composed of several layers of yellow cake with different fillings between layers. One of the fillings toward the bottom was lemon curd which was a nice touch.  The other filling was lighter vanilla cream. This was not the same as the top which was a typical, heavier cake frosting.  This was unfortunate because it looked like the frosting on the top was whipped cream.  That would have gone better with the lighter filling inside so we suggest this adjustment to their recipe. Overall the cake was moist and the fillings added to the taste. It was a light treat that was easy to eat. This was pretty well received and was a good choice on the part of today's student.
It's a lemon torte!

It should be whipped cream on top...but it's not!

Layer with lemon curd and mousse type vanilla cream inside...nicely done!
But the lemon torte was not the only treat he brought.  The second was a Bailey's Irish Cream Cake.  We have had this before and it is good. It is a chocolate cake with two layers that have a thick layer of Bailey's Irish Cream flavored frosting in between and more on the top.  Add a few florets and some chocolate drizzle and you have the whole thing.  This cake is very moist and the Bailey's cream very light and airy.  This is a replacement type non-dairy whipped cream cool whip.  We have had this type of frosting on many cakes before. It is appreciated because it is very light but real whipped cream is always preferred. Altogether this was another good cake. With to offerings that were original and creative we award today's student four stars.
Another good looking offering!

Unfortunately these top florets are also not the real whipped thing!

Lots of cake and lots of filling!
The whipped frosting made it less heavy than it looks!
While eating a piece of the latter cake one of our interns asked the question "What is the alcohol that is in this cake?"  As said person has dietary preferences and thinking there might be beverage issues also the question was asked, "what, do you not drink either?"  This prompted quite a few chuckles from the friends of the individual as the person does indeed drink.  The preferred drink is beer.  Lots of it apparently. Jokes about the amount of her drinking ensued. This led to other comments about how good it is that our dipsomaniacal intern  is working in a Liver Research Center and that since we do research on alcohol in the liver she could be a subject. We study NASH and alcoholic hepatitis and it was mentioned that if she had problems we could do a liver biopsy.  Upon hearing this her friend immediately remarked "I would so love to biopsy her liver!"  Isn't that what friends are for?

Quote of the day: I would so love to biopsy her liver!
This is all it would take!
Our biopsy subject is not so sure!

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