Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh, oh...we've seen this before!

And student cake month continues with our second entry.  As this is technically a contest we are looking for whatever is spectacular in execution, appearance, presentation, and taste. It is a good idea to research your ideas to see if it will be something unique that will make its mark.  One thing that is guaranteed to set you back is if you come up with something that we have already had.  That was the case today.  The second cake to be offered up is the chocolate plastic cake that we have had before. A little scrutiny or previous blog posts would have determined that. But who are we to tell you what to do, right?
I think we have seen this before!
Pile o' white chocolate shavings on the top!
The shavings are also a prominent feature embedded in the frosting on the sides!
Made it for the official picture just in time!
This is actually a standard American style chocolate layer cake.  The cake is chocolate as is the frosting which is probably a butter cream. Butter cream is usually the preferred frosting as opposed to the standard commercial frosting which is mainly vegetable shortening (or lard) and powdered sugar.  Butter cream may be just as fattening but it has less of a chemical taste. Of course the most favored form of frosting is whipped cream based but I digress.
Plenty of cake and "plastic" shavings to go around!
So this is a standard chocolate two layer cake with chocolate frosting on top and also as filling betwixt the layers.  Some frosting florets on the top embellish it but the striking feature of this cake are the white shards of what looks like plastic thrown all over the sides and the tops.
Tell the truth...they really do look like pieces of plastic!
These are supposed to be white chocolate shavings, we assume, but it is not any kind of quality white chocolate.  Interestingly, white chocolate always has a hint of yellow color whereas these things were really white.  It does make for an interesting look but the taste might have been more notable with a better quality to the white chocolate.
There were plenty of the "plastic" shavings to go around!
I still hate chocolate cake but am still eating it!
On balance this cake was fine. The cake was good and moist and the frosting not overwhelming. Not bad but nothing to write home about.  We give it a basic two stars.

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