Thursday, February 19, 2015

And another one has been corrupted...

We had nice little square box of a cake today.  It was a commercial product probably from the East Side market or Whole Foods. The cake was chocolate with and exterior chocolate frosting that was very firm.  It was layered with frosting in between the layers and was finished on the top with a line of frosting florets and some drizzles of vanilla and chocolate syrup.  Finally around the side they included milk chocolate shavings.
A lovely little box of a cae!
Nicely decorated flat top!
Milk chocolate shavings on the side!
A lot of the emphasis these days is on dark chocolate but this was milk chocolate all the way.  In that regard the taste was not no intense.  The cake was moist and the frosting, although very typical or a commercial source, was no sickeningly sweet as some of them can be.  On balance it was very adequate if somewhat undistinguished. We enjoyed it regardless.
Several layers that were anything but dry!

We have a new colleague who has been very good about refraining from the guilty pleasures of cake hour.  But she couldn't hold out forever and today she succumbed and had a piece.  I guess you could say we corrupted another.
Another one takes the plunge!

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