Friday, February 27, 2015

Leftovers on fhe chocolate side

Since we didn't manage to eat the whole platter yesterday we served up the leftovers today. Also we had some leftover Caramel Delight GS Cookies so out they came also.
Where did all the cheesecake go..long time passing!!
Whoopie and truffle are still around!
A lonely little brownie!
As you can see from what is remaining, the cheesecake treats were favored. There was no problem with these on day 2.  The caramel delights would probably keep a long time anyway so nothing was wrong with them, really, except for the fact that everyone agreed they had gotten smaller. We also thought calling them 'Yes, Yes Cookies", as in the past, was a better idea than sticking with the generic caramel delights.  Not a ton of caramel and at least "Yes,Yes" keeps them guessing!

Like Yes Yes cookies of yore!

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