Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey Ma, are these my kidneys??

This is the time of year for Girl Scout Cookies.  Of course you expect that someone with a young daughter will inevitably come selling the cookies despite all the claims from the girl scouts about how it builds the character of the young ladies. Tell that to the mothers.
All this from selling cookies - unless Mom does it!
Anyway, a number of us bought and as you will see we will get a number of cake hours out of them.
Yup, she got to me too!
Two of the classics!!
Today we had two of the classics - Shortbread and Thin Mints.  What we can say about the shortbread?  It is the usual prepackaged mass produced version that is just fine.  By nature a little dry so there is probably not the same amount of butter as you might get from Walker's.  They aren't bad however and go well with coffee.
Not quite the same as Walkers but they will do!
The Thin Mints likewise tasted about the same as they have always.  Everyone familiar with them seemed to think that the indentations/holes on the tops of the cookies was something new.  Maybe so but it made no difference.  This is probably one of the least minty mint cookies that there are.  For those that aren't thrilled with mint that is a good thing.

Holey different some people think!
A decorative spread of the two!
Our colleague providing the cookies has a few young children. They seem to be taking an interest in anatomy and have asked a lot of questions including a recent one "What's a kidney."  The answer was that they were an organ that help you pee and you have two of them. The male child subsequently during bath time noticed a few body parts proximal to what he uses to pee and remarked, "Hey, Ma, are these my kidneys?"  Kidneys they weren't and so Mom gently explained that they were called testicles and were involved in procreation and making babies.  
At this point the sister piped in indignantly, "What have men got to do with making babies?"  That was the end of the lesson!
What have men got to do with making babies?  Ask him!!!  

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