Friday, February 20, 2015

And the Girl Scout cookies are in!

Every year those little ladies in the Girl Scouts get to sell cookies!!  This supposedly teaches them all sorts of things including things like decision making and business ethics.  That seems a bit of a stretch but everyone plays along when Mom shows up selling the cookies on the girl's behalf. What are coworkers for anyway?
A few leftovers and the first appearance of girl scout cookies!
Today we had the first box which was a box of Thanks a Lot Cookies! Don't you love that name?  These cookies are a special edition and is a way in which the Scouts say thanks for your buying the cookies. In some respects you are buying their thanks but let's not read too much into it.  These are vanilla cookies with a chocolate coating on one side. 

The name of the cookie says it all!   
On each cookie the words for Thanks a Lot are embedded in one of five different languages. We have English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Swahili! The choices are very culturally diverse, don't you think?  I showed the Chinese one which reads Hsieh Hsieh to a colleague from China and she informed us that the correct Latinization should be Xie, Xie!  Girl Scouts take note.
From English to Swahili - thanks a lot!

The cookies were not bad. The chocolate was not much to talk about and truth be told Keebler does a much better job coating cookies with chocolate.  The Thanks a Lot chocolate tasted a but too sweet and rather institutional along the lines of cheap chocolate candies that you get at Christmas or Easter. Even if the taste was not remarkable, the cultural awareness was and for that we say Thanks a Lot!
Vanilla on one side!
A relatively generic chocolate on the other!
We also finished off some of the remaining mini-cookies which we are also grateful for.

Had a few of these left to kill!

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