Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Leftover brownies from New Year's

One of us had a New Year's dinner with brownies sundaes for dessert. It was supposed to be a Paris-Brest but since the skiing was good we opted to go skiing instead of stay home and prepare for the dinner.  Baker's Chocolate has a one bowl brownie recipe that is very easy and quick to make from scratch - not from a Brownie mix. After returning from apr├ęs ski at about 6:30 time was of the essence to get the dinner going so we went for the brownies in lieu of the more complicated pastry.
Today's offerings

By the end of the meal everyone one was too full for a big dessert so they ate the ice cream without the brownies which then got brought today to cake hour!!
They were leftover but good
This is a very good and quick recipe and you can easily impress people by saying you made the brownies from scratch..which would be true.  They are quite chocolatey and very moist. They can be fudge-like or cake-like depending on your preference.
Slightly more cake than fudge like.
So go for it if you need to bake something quick.  The recipe does call for two cups of sugar, however.  We found you can do just as well with 1.5 cups or even a little less. 
We threw the nuts on top and it was deemed aesthetically good.

BTW- we forgot to add the nuts into the batter so just strewed them on the top.  People thought this was a nice touch despite it being a mistake. Oh, we also had a few remaining Lindt balls to finish off so chocolate ruled the day.
And we are working through the last of the Lindt balls.

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