Thursday, January 5, 2017

Something sweet from Something Sweet Inc.

Plump apples simmered in their natural juices topped with sugar and spice and golden brown crumbs!
Aka Apple Crisp!
Nice name for a bakery company - Something Sweet Inc.  Today we got to try one of their products purchase at the Whole Foods Market in Providence.  It was an Apple Crisp. This is something that was unfamiliar to some of our people.  When we explained what it was and how easy it was to make, there were some impressed people who indicated they might give it a try. We shall see.

As is supposed to be the case, this was a bunch of cinnamon apples covered with a streusel topping made of sugar, butter, flour, nuts and oatmeal.  All of those are sort of mixed together with a fork. The mix is then strewn across the top of the apples and the whole thing is baked for about 40 minutes - enough to soften the apples.  When finished - you have apple crisp. It is much easier than a pie or cake and usually pretty good especially if served with ice cream
Plump apples with crumbly stuff on top is Apple Crisp!
The "crisp" surface!

Lots of apples was a good thing!
This particular product was indeed good though we did not follow the instructions to warm it up and serve it with said ice cream.  If you come across this something sweet from Something Sweet Inc., we can recommend it. Alternatively you can buy your own apples and a mix for this usually found in the fruit section of a supermarket and put it together yourself - kind of from scratch!
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