Friday, January 13, 2017

Something different from Scialo Brothers

Scialo Brothers Bakery on Federal Hill in Providence has been around for awhile.  They are a more traditional Italian bakery that makes some great unique products. They are also the only bakery that we deal with that still wraps the box of the cake with string. We have had a number of their coffee cakes which are huge.  Today we were treated to something that we hadn't seen before - a walnut cranberry cake.
Since1916 so they should know what they are doing!
Happy with her selection.
Haven't seen this one before!
Impressively topped with nuts and cranberries!
It is a basic yellow/vanilla cake but it is covered with a thick layer of walnut halves and dried cranberries sealed together with a caramelized brown sugar glaze (we think that's what it is).  It is impressive looking to start with. 
The topping is almost as thick as the cake.
Plenty of nuts and berries caramelized together.
The cake was not very thick which was a good thing but it was very fresh, very moist and not very sweet.  The cranberry and walnut topping was awesome - crunchy and tart and it went with the soft melt in you mouth cake very well.  This was a Scialo brothers hit.  As you can tell from the number of people, it was very popular.
Good moist yellow cake as the base.
Plenty of takers today!

Also lovin' it!

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